Day to day after-school support for MYP & DP students!

Our Learning Lab offers peace of mind for the parent and an enjoyable, structured and productive learning atmosphere for every IB student.

Our Learning Lab offers a cosy and welcoming space for study and review where time management & organisational skills are learned to implement effectively. You will learn to tackle tests and assignments timely and successfully and will become a confident IB scholar.

The sessions are structured based on psychological techniques that enhance concentration, memory, and logical and critical thinking. We alternate between intense writing/learning periods and appropriate breaks.

Our wonderful and highly skilled expert, Ioana Anghel-Pirich and her team, run IB After-school Learning Labs for G9 & G10 (MYP), G11 & G12 (DP) IB students.

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About Ioana, Director of Tempera Institute, Vienna

Ioana Anghel-Pirich MPth, is a dedicated IB coach and highly experienced Academic Performance Strategist. Beside her specific interest and focus in coaching IB students, she is a Learning Techniques and Lateral Thinking scholar and hence a great fit for all types of students but also those with procrastination and focusing challenges or students who sometimes simply feel ‘overwhelmed’ and too stressed.

Ioana carries a Masters degree in Psychotherapy and teaches at the Sigmund Freud University, Vienna. She specializes in the areas of Systemic Therapy and Child & Youth Psychotherapy. 

Ioana is passionate about working with teenagers and her main interest lies in unleashing students’ creativity, independent thinking, and self-confidence. She knows how important a good relationship is when working with students and she helps students trust and believe in themselves whilst learning how to work ‘in-depth’ and take full ownership of their work.