Course Description

CAS CERTIFICATE: each student will receive a certificate with exact dates, hours and description of the accomplished programme and CAS duties.

We invite interested Pre IB and IBDP Year 1 students to look into this lovely opportunity on the untouched Costa de la Luz, southern Spain, this summer!

Spanish & CAS Immersion invites Pre IB and Mid IB students to a unique adventure! Live and learn in the truly charming Pueblo Blanco “Vejer de la Frontera” in beautiful Andalucía.

This compact 7 or 14 day holistic, interdisciplinary course with unique IB CAS (Creative, Activity & Service) opportunity includes 10 hours of classroom Spanish per week, 24/7 immersion in the rich language, culture and history of this area and living in a lovely Spanish host family.  The focus is on local and global issues, and the course offers both Pre-IB and Mid-IB incentives.  All students complete this programme with unique creative, active & service duties and incentives.

Students who wish to have these CAS hours accredited can absolutely do so. We encourage to get prior approval from their school’s CAS Coordinator.

Each morning Monday through Friday begins with 2 hours of voluntary work in two chosen service areas (environmental and social). Service 1 will carried out in week 1 while service 2 will be accomplished in week 2.

Following this, students will have a daily 2-hour intensive Spanish classroom session at the La Janda Spanish School.  The dynamic teaching staff provides personalized learning in small group setting, with options for absolute beginners and those who have been studying Spanish previously. The focus is on listening, oral expression and reading comprehension.

During the afternoons students will be immersed in authentic learning within the local culture of Andalucía where they can practice their Spanish language skills in real life situations. CAS afternoon activities include donkey riding, trekking, traditional arts & crafts workshops, flamenco dancing & music making, traditional cooking, photography, surfing and swimming.

Some emphasis during both weeks will be on the Essential Learning Outcomes of the IB CAS programme.

CAS should be fun and also challenging – it should allow students to enhance their personal and interpersonal development. It should encourage learning through experience! This is why our CAS Immersion project in Vejer del Frontera, Spain, is the perfect fit for Pre IB- and Mid IB students!

  • Pre-IB students will be introduced to IB CAS (Creativity, Activity and Service) and focus on their chosen CAS duties.
  • Mid-IB students will focus on their various CAS duties, as each day’s experiences will include activities that allow them to address ALL the essential learning outcomes required of the program.

Time for reflection is built in for all, with a focus on the 21st century skills such as collaboration, problem solving, decision-making, self-management as well as “giving back”.



Students will be encouraged to use their learning engagements as a springboard to explore local and global issues. Topics may include an examination of the impacts of tourism, respecting and maintaining culture, or restoration of archeological, ecological and historical sites.

With a focus on collaboration, communication, and self-management, Spanish Core Immersion students will make lasting friendships with students from international schools around the world while also having the potential to make a difference through their culminating project.

CAS CERTIFICATE: each student will receive a certificate with exact dates, hours and description of accomplished program and duties.

About our CAS Mentor : Bryan Plymale is an award winning international educator born in New York, but grew up mostly in America’s heartland.  He graduated from Texas A&M University with a degree in Wildlife and Fisheries Science and a secondary science composite teaching certification.  Bryan did his graduate studies in Estuarine Ecology and Systematics Biology at San Francisco State University where he was a laboratory coordinator and research scientist specializing in Zostera marina transplantation.  Bryan taught for 9 years at the prestigious Kodaikanal International School, located at 2200 meters elevation in the unique rainforest Shola ecosystem of the Western Ghats.  There he taught biology, environmental systems and societies, and was the Theory of Knowledge (TOK) facilitator and Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS) Coordinator.  Bryan was also the Social Experience Department Green Team leader, running a successful indigenous Shola tree planting project, recycling programs, the “Keep Kodai Clean and Green” campaign, and organizing seminars on Human Rights, Social Justice and Environmental issues.  Most recently, he was part of the team setting up the IBDP at Imagine International Academy of North Texas where he also taught biology, TOK and was the CAS and Personal Project Coordinator.  As an experiential educator, Bryan has led field trips to Borneo, Java, Sabah, Sarawak, Kathmandu, Brazil, India and Spain.  Furthermore, he was part of an accreditation team in Côte d’Ivoire.  In addition to all of Bryan’s academic experience, he has coached numerous sports, focusing on Ultimate Frisbee and the Spirit of the Game which incorporates the IB’s philosophy of holistic education and lifelong learning.

Course Schedule

Sunday, July 2nd:


Participants meet at Malaga International Airport between 12:00 – 14:00 CEST (12pm-2pm CEST) for transfer together by mini bus. Official welcome to Vejer and meeting the lovely host families. 

Daily Schedule:

8-9am             Breakfast with host family

9-11am     Morning CAS Service work 


Monday – Friday

Children outdoor summer school set up with the aim of combining leisure activities in a natural environment. Their focus is upon nurturing values regarding ecology, biodiversity, climate change and the welfare of both animals and humans. They promote education and awareness of the equine species and its behaviour. They work to protect the natural environment through study, observation and respectful intervention. They aim to unite and promote art, culture and sustainable crafts linked to the rural environment. Their aim is to work towards a fairer world and to minimize inequality or prejudice towards others.


Monday – Friday

You will work on a permaculture project which embraces many traditional and also new methods both in agriculture, water and energy systems.  They are working on the regeneration of the land and believe that correct water management is key to addressing climate change. They have a vision to create an abundant water retention landscape and host knowledge sharing events around more regenerative cultures and ways of living, to inspire others in our area and beyond. Reforestation, gardening and food production, pruning, food transformation and cooking, natural building, maintenance and upgrading of the land design.

11:20am-1:20pm   Classroom Spanish intensive (Mo, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri)

2-3pm             Lunch with host family

4pm-              Afternoon Passion CAS Activities (depending on the day)

Week 1:

Monday: Tour of Vejer

Tuesday: Surf El Palmar
Wednesday: Traditional/Natural Arts and Crafts

Thursday: Kayak trip to Santi Petri
Friday: Gastronomia
 and introduction to Flamenco percussion and dance
Saturday: Excursion to Cadiz – Torre del Tajo, beaches of Cadiz, market
Sunday: Family day, rest day

Week 2:

Monday: Land or Sea Adventure
Beach visit to bird conservation site
Donkey sanctuary and trail
Thursday: Natural Arts workshop
Friday: Cookery (Paella)
Saturday: Excursion to Tarifa whale-watching and visit to the town (subject to weather)
Sunday: Departure from Vejer to Malaga airport

8:30pm   Dinner with host family

Afternoon/Evening   IB CAS reflections, group activities and free time 

The families in Vejer de la Frontera have all been carefully selected, based on several criteria including friendliness and hospitality, the home environment and meals as well as the location and quality of the lodging.

More importantly, families are selected on the basis of positive feedback from previous students over the years and you can choose to stay either alone or two students per family.

Sunday, July 9th or 16th:

Departure day with drop-off at Malaga airport.

Dates and Fees


Option 1: July 2nd-9th, 2023 (1 week)

Option 2: July 2nd-16th, 2023 (2 weeks)


1 week: € 1550

2 weeks: € 2890

More Info

This project is run by our entrusted partner organisation La Janda – Language School, Vejer de la Frontera, Andalucia. Please contact us for further information.

CALL US: +43-1-3191068
Nora is also available via cell phone or wireless options on smart phones: +43-664-1306197


Please print the following 2 pdf forms to sign up:

  1. Registration Form: IBWISE_registration form 2022
  2. Guidelines: Guidelines to be signed by Guardian

Travel Info

GETTING TO AND FROM MALAGA Spain – Malaga has low price flight connections with all the major European cities (including to Vienna incase you wish to combine the Vienna IB Revision Camp with Spain). You will be met by one of our local staff members at Malaga Airport and delivered safely to your host family in Vejer de la Frontera. Usually transfer times are no more than 90 minutes. Please try to arrive in Malaga before 2pm on your day of arrival.

Having the relevant travel documents is important. EU citizens do not require a visa. If you are not sure whether you require a visa, please contact your consulate.