Get a Taste of Vienna...

Located on the banks of the beautiful river Danube, Vienna is ranked since 10 years consistently the number 1 city in the world when it comes to livability and safety. It has unique charm and is often also described as Europe’s cultural capital or the “city of dreams”, thanks to it being the home of Sigmund Freud.

It is easy to get around and boasts stunning architecture, outstanding infrastructure and an excellent public transport system that runs with incredible efficiency.

Whatever your interest – be it art, music, theatre, historic beauty, hip student cafés, trendy restaurants or avant-garde fashion – Vienna has it all in rich abundance!

Vienna is a fantastic place for young people. The friendly student atmosphere reflects Viennese philosophy, which permeates the city and makes youngsters instantly feel welcome and comfortable. It is safe and also boasts outstanding infrastructure, with excellent public transport that runs with incredible efficiency and at cheap rates.