CAS & Spanish Immersion Trip
07.07. – 21.07.2024

Course Dates: July 7th-21st, 2024 (2 weeks)

Sunday, July 7th:

Airport transfer is not included. Our nearest airports are: Jerez (87 km), Gibraltar (87 km) and Seville (165 km). However, students who plan to travel via Malaga airport (195 km) should aim to arrive and depart on the 7th between 12-14pm to make it more viable for students to share the airport transfer service and costs. Airport transfers are available from all airports listed, but the cost will depend on the distance and the possibility of sharing the taxi with another student. The school is happy to make transfer arrangements on the student’s behalf, the cost of the transfer will then be charged to the student.

8-9am Breakfast with host family

9-11am Morning voluntary CAS placements

11:20am-1:20pm Classroom Spanish intensive (Mo, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri)

2-3pm Lunch with host family

4pm- Afternoon Passion CAS Activities (depending on the day)

8:30pm Dinner with host family

Afternoon/Evening IB CAS reflections, group activities and free time

Over the course of your two weeks, you may choose 2-4 CAS placements to explore. Some of our CAS placements include:

Supporting a family-run organic farm

Step into an idyllic haven which prides itself on preserving local species of vegetation and produce as well as nurturing local wildlife, especially birds and insects. Students enjoy becoming part of the family and being immersed in nature.

Working on a local reforestation project

Located close to the village with spectacular views- this initiative focuses on reforestation and sustainable water management. Students enjoy getting their hands dirty and learning how to be resourceful.

Caring for animals on an Andalusian ranch

Nestled in a wild olive grove there is a ranch which cares for abandoned horses and prioritizes creating a safe and nurturing environment for them. Students become aware of an animal’s needs as well as discovering how to best interact and communicate with them.

Helping out in a day center for students with special educational needs

This is a day centre started by parents of children with special educational needs. Its team is warm and friendly and the building is bright and comfortable. Students take part in crafts, cooking and games with the young people attending. A rewarding interaction which is greatly appreciated and valued by those involved in this mutual exchange.

Volunteering in an elderly residential home

An Elderly Residential Home run by very proactive and loving staff. The residents love having contact with the younger generation and the students enjoy being of real assistance to them as far as getting them organized for breakfast as well as taking part in recreational activities. The students become more aware of the charm and diversity of a sector of a sector of the community that is often overlooked.

Assisting in a Montessori kindergarten

Located very close to the La Janda Language School is a small kindergarten inspired by Montessori methodology. The teacher who runs it is full of charisma and kindness, the love for her work and young children is evident. The students benefit from being part of this warm, nurturing environment.

Sightseeing Activities Week 1

Monday: Tour of Vejer

Tuesday: Surf El Palmar

Wednesday: Traditional / Natural Arts and Crafts

Thursday: Kayak trip to Santi Petri

Friday: Gastronomia and introduction to Flamenco percussion and dance

Saturday: Excursion to Cadiz – Torre del Tajo, beaches of Cadiz, market

Sunday: Family day, rest day

Monday: Land or Sea Adventure

Beach visit to bird conservation site

Donkey sanctuary and trail

Thursday: Natural Arts workshop

Friday: Cookery (Paella)

Saturday: Excursion to Tarifa whale-watching and visit to the town (subject to weather)

Sunday: Departure from Vejer to airport

Sunday, July 21st:

Departure day with drop-off at the airport.

Join us for a unique experience in the truly charming Pueblo Blanco “Vejer de la Frontera”