Mid IB Summer Revision Camp
July 18th – August 2nd, 2024

Our Subjects & Classes

The MID IB Summer Camp is structured into four distinct workshops, with each workshop dedicated to a single IB subject. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Multiple Subjects: Opt for anywhere between 2 to 4 IB subjects.
  • Intensive Study Structure: Each study unit is spread over three days, encompassing 18 hours of revision.
  • Excellent Preparation: Our Mid IB Summer Camp is designed to ensure you kick-start your final year with confidence and clarity.
  • Balanced Schedule: Between each study unit, students enjoy 1-2 FREE DAYS. This time can be used to participate in an array of organized activities or to explore the city with friends.
  • Caring Environment: While our course is rigorous, we pride ourselves on creating a supportive and warm learning atmosphere.
  • Expert Guidance: Small, motivated groups benefit from the expertise of our seasoned IB Diploma educators. With 15-30 years of experience each, many of our instructors are also esteemed IBO examiners.

Once you’re registered, a tailored daily schedule will be promptly emailed to you, ensuring you’re well-prepared for the camp ahead.

A Languages

English A, German A

Literature HL
Literature SL
Lang & Lit HL
Lang & Lit SL

B Languages

French B, Spanish B



Environmental Studies & Societies SL
Biology HL
Biology SL
Physics HL
Physics SL
Chemistry HL
Chemistry SL
Computer Science HL
Computer Science SL

Individuals & Societies

Business & Management HL
Business & Management SL
Economics HL
Economics SL
Psychology HL
Psychology SL
History HL
History SL
Geography HL
Geography SL


Math Analysis & Approaches HL
Math Analysis & Approaches SL
Math Application & Interpretation HL
Math Application & Interpretation SL

The Arts

IB Visual Arts HL/SL
IB Music HL/SL
IB Theatre HL/SL