Join us at one of our unforgettable CAS Adventures

We invite you to one of our absolutely unique and exciting summer CAS programmes: a 5-day trip to the picturesque mountain village of Mariazell, in the Ötscher Region in Austria or a 14-day Spanish & IB CAS Immersion in Andalucía.

A unique Experience for PRE IB and MID IB students 

Get a fully recognized CAS Certificate

Each student will receive a certificate with exact dates, hours and description of the accomplished programme and duties and will be able to have this camp fully recognized by his/her CAS programme coordinator back at school and also use it in the process of university application.

Young people riding horses in Spain
A village with palm trees in Spain

Make new challenges and experiences part of your CAS programme!

14-day Spanish & IB CAS Immersion in Andalucía

Live and learn in the truly charming Pueblo Blanco “Vejer de la Frontera” in beautiful Andalucía. This compact 14 day holistic, interdisciplinary course with unique IB CAS (Creativity, Activity & Service) opportunity includes 10 hours of classroom Spanish per week, 24/7 immersion in the rich language, culture and history of this area and living in a lovely Spanish host family.  The focus is on local and global issues, and the course offers both Pre-IB and Mid-IB incentives.

5-day CAS Adventure Trip in Mariazell, Austria

This CAS Adventure Trip in the picturesque mountain village of Mariazell and its surrounding Ötscher region will be a forever memorable experience in the stunning Austrian Fore Alps. This region is less than a 1.5-hour drive from Vienna, Austria’s capital. Vienna also is the city where IBWISE operates and runs its MID IB & PRE IB Summer Revision Camp!

Join us at one of our CAS Adventures and take home a fully recognized CAS certificate and unforgettable memories