Join our Young Artists in Residence Programme in Vienna!

At ‘Young Artists in Residence’ young IB lovers of the arts literally dive into the world of performing & visual arts.

A unique Art Camp for PRE IB and MID IB students

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Workshops offered: IB Visual Arts, IB Music, IB Theatre

Young female student in an art class

What makes Young Artists in Residence at IBWISE so special?

Its unique combination of the IB Diploma visual- and the performing arts, the magical Fin de Siècle treasures in Vienna (Jugendstil) and the coming together of IB students from all continents to work together makes Young Artists in Residence so different from the many other art camps for teenagers.

Inspiring and highly experienced workshop leaders

Our exceptional workshops will be guided by highly experienced and inspiring workshop leaders who all are artists, renowned IB educators & IBO examiners themselves.

An identity forming experience as a young artist within a creative environment