Pre IB Summer Revision Camp
July 18th – August 2nd, 2024

The major IB subjects (15 hrs per subject):

  • Language: English A, French B, German A, Spanish B
  • Mathematics: Math Analysis & Approaches HL or SL, Math Applications & Interpretation HL or SL
  • Sciences: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Comp. Science or ESS
  • Individuals & Societies: Geography, History, Business Management, Economics, ESS or Psychology
  • The Arts: Visual Arts, Music, Theatre or Film

The minor IB-related subjects (2.5 hrs per subject): These subjects will be added automatically to your schedule.

Theory of Knowledge is an important and unique part of the DP curriculum, focusing on the nature of knowledge itself. These sessions will introduce the requirements for TOK and start teaching you the skills that will lead to success in this subject.

Graphical Calculator Skills are absolutely essential to score well in IB Math. They are a requirement for mathematics and will save valuable time during the exam. They are also extremely useful in many other subjects.

Extended Essay and CAS are central pillars of the IBDP curriculum. Our experts will give you an overview of the necessary requirements as well as help you begin to brainstorm how you will tackle these subjects in the coming year.

Science Internal Assessment is a crucial component in science. An excellent score in your IA can make quite a difference to your final IB grade. In this session, you will be introduced to Internal Assessment in Science. You will learn about the IB marking system and how it will be applied to your work. You will also practice some of the skills you will need, such as ‘Experimental Design’ and ‘Data Presentation’.

A Languages

English A, German A

Literature HL
Literature SL
Lang & Lit HL
Lang & Lit SL

B Languages

French B, Spanish B



Environmental Studies & Societies SL
Biology HL
Biology SL
Physics HL
Physics SL
Chemistry HL
Chemistry SL
Computer Science HL
Computer Science SL

Individuals & Societies

Business & Management HL
Business & Management SL
Economics HL
Economics SL
Psychology HL
Psychology SL
History HL
History SL
Geography HL
Geography SL


Math Analysis & Approaches HL
Math Analysis & Approaches SL
Math Application & Interpretation HL
Math Application & Interpretation SL

The Arts

IB Visual Arts HL/SL
IB Music HL/SL
IB Theatre HL/SL