Spring On-Ground IB Exam Revision Intensive, Vienna

March 30th – April 3rd, 2024

Optional Short Courses for Spring On-Ground IB Revision Intensive Students

Duration: 1 hour
Setting: One-to-One
Cost: 150 €

Occasionally, students seek private tuition to address specific questions of concern in any of their IB subjects. At IBWISE, we strive to accommodate these ‘one-to-one’ sessions with our highly experienced IB specialists, providing tailored assistance whenever possible.

Duration: 1.5 hours
Setting: small group
Cost: 200 €

Mastering study skills and exam technique is essential for excelling in IBDP exams. Our instructor will provide invaluable strategies and insights, equipping you with essential skills and routines. When implemented effectively, these techniques can significantly enhance your performance as you approach your final exams.

Duration: 1 hour
Setting: One-to-One
Cost: 180 €

Many students find themselves feeling overwhelmed due to the demanding requirements of the IB, impending university admissions processes, and more. These feelings often manifest in various ways, including sleeplessness, anxiety, attention issues, headaches, and other physical symptoms. These reactions are typically indicators of stress and uncertainty about managing their responsibilities. Our consultation is designed to address these concerns in a confidential and supportive one-to-one setting. Students will receive personalized strategies and guidance from our founder, Nora, who brings years of expertise in adolescent counseling and family consultation.