Spring On-Ground IB Exam Revision Intensive, Vienna

March 30th – April 3rd, 2024

IB Subjects

For the Spring On-Ground IB Revision Intensive you may choose up to 2 IB subjects and will study one subject at a time. Each IB subject will be prepared intensively for 18 hours over 2.5 days (= 1 study unit).

We will provide you with a rigorous and demanding course in a friendly and caring atmosphere. Small motivated groups (usually 5-8 students) will be led by our highly experienced IB faculty, most of whom are also recognized IBO examiners. They all teach in excellent IB world schools across Europe and the world and come with no less than 15-25 years of IB teaching experience.

A Languages

English A, German A

Literature HL
Literature SL
Lang & Lit HL
Lang & Lit SL

B Languages

English B, German B, French B



Environmental Studies & Societies SL
Biology HL
Biology SL
Physics HL
Physics SL
Chemistry HL
Chemistry SL
Computer Science HL
Computer Science SL

Individuals & Societies

Business & Management HL
Business & Management SL
Economics HL
Economics SL
Psychology HL
Psychology SL
History HL
History SL
Geography HL
Geography SL


Math Analysis & Approaches HL
Math Analysis & Approaches SL
Math Application & Interpretation HL
Math Application & Interpretation SL

A group of students in a class room