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At IBWISE you will make lifelong friends and profit immensely academically...


IBWISE students make it happen…

What makes IBWISE special

What makes IBWISE so special

The focus on your individual goals and needs...



IBWISE-SPECIAL: Personal Statement Retreat

IBWISE-SPECIAL: Personal Statement Retreat

September 24th-25th, 2016 we fly in especially for you, Ms Sarah Norris, a London based expert for competitive British university application.

Sarah will guide you through this intensive 10-hour Personal Statement Retreat and effectively assist you in getting your application 100% ready to go.

New IB Art Summer Workshop

IB ART Summer Workshop in Vienna

Enjoy the cultural experience of Vienna while shaping your investigation workbooks anddeveloping your works of art...

New IB Summer Summer Workshop

IB MUSIC Summer Workshop in Vienna

This workshop is an excellent opportunity for students to develop their compositional (creating) skills in a variety of styles and techniques...


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