On-ground IB Revision

IBWISE provides an all-inclusive experience in Vienna’s most beautiful districts. Tuition, accommodation with en-suite facilities, 24/7 care, breakfast, lunch, snacks and refreshments are all on one site.

Vienna – student-friendly and one of the safest cities worldwide

Our campuses are located in the midst of beautiful villas and gardens, only a stone’s throw away from the old city centre by public transport. Vienna remains to this day one of the most inspiring, livable and safest cities in the world. Apart from its placing as the most livable city in the renowned Mercer Study, the Austrian capital has now also arrived at the top of the “Global Liveability Index 2022”. It is easy to get around by public transport. There are plenty of fun things to do in Vienna, many of which are included in our After Class Activity Programme. At IBWISE, students make friends very quickly, friendships that often continue long after the camp is finished.

What our Students say

The teachers were just amazing and really helpful. IBWISE is an excellent and compact IB revision course, mixed with fun people and free time activites in an amazing city!

I can definitely recommend this programme!

Shanon, Paris

The IBWISE IB revision courses were extremely insightful. They definitely helped with how I will approach not only my exams but my studying as well.

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Christina, Madrid

Choose your On-Ground IB Revision Camp

Spring On-Ground IB Revision Intensive

March 30th – April 3rd, 2024

PRE IB Summer Camp

July 18th – August 2nd, 2024

MID IB Summer Camp

July 18th – August 2nd, 2024

Our IB Revision Camps in a Nutshell

 For students who will begin their 1st IB Diploma year after the summer:

The Pre IB Summer Camp is designed explicitly for students who will begin their 1st IB Diploma year after the summer. You will choose 2 – 5 major IB subjects. Each subject will be combined with a minor IB-related subject (see list below). All important IB subjects are offered, helping to introduce you to the IB syllabus and prepare you thoroughly for the IB Diploma.

For students currently in their 1st IB Diploma year (starting their 2nd year after the summer):

The Mid IB Summer Programme is designed for students who are currently in their first IB Diploma year and are to commence their second year after the summer. It is an efficient and thorough way of ensuring you get your second IB Diploma year off to a very good start. It will allow you to reinforce what you have already learned and provide you with a sound base on which to build in your final year.

For students in their last IB Diploma year:

The Spring IB Exam Revision Intensive is an excellent in-depth and highly effective IB exam preparation course for students in their last IB Diploma year. It focuses on the IB exams that will follow in May. It is an outstanding opportunity for May candidates to work toward and achieve their specific individual goals in IB.

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