Meet our Team

Nora Schuster, MSc

Founder & Director

Hayden Arp

Operations Coordinator & Camp Counsellor

Tessa Schuster

Camp Organizer & Counsellor

Ali Ilbeghi

Online Course Coordinator & Camp Counsellor

Ioana Anghel-Pirich, Mpth

Learning Support & Camp Counsellor

Our Camp Counsellors

Our dedicated camp counsellors, Ioana and Ali, are present on campus 24/7 during revision camp. With their extensive experience and qualifications, they ensure that every IBWISE student and faculty member receives unparalleled support and care during their stay in Vienna.

All our camp counsellors are armed with teaching and/or counselling degrees. Their experience with the international community equips them to understand and cater to the unique needs of students with diverse backgrounds. They not only prioritize students’ well-being with responsibility and organization but also excel in communication, helping our students thrive and foster lasting friendships within the IBWISE community.

Languages: English, German, Italian, French, Romanian …

Our Interns

Our camp counsellors are supported by a fabulous team of highly motivated and hard working interns, most of whom are IB- and IBWISE alumni. Together they are responsible for all aspects of student life on campus including free time activities during the summer camp. They will make sure that your stay with us in Vienna becomes an unforgettable experience!

Faculty, counsellors, and interns are welcome. Join us and be part of a great team!