Why choose IBWISE

Quality comes first at IBWISE! We provide our students with outstanding IB preparation in a friendly, compassionate, and caring atmosphere.

Class size is capped at 7-8 students. We employ only the best of the best IBDP subject educators. All our teachers and examiners have 10-30 years of in-class IB teaching experience. They know the IB syllabus inside-out, are passionate about teaching, and inspire our students. In addition, Vienna remains to this day one of the most inspiring, liveable, and safest cities in the world.

What our Students say

IBWISE is honestly one of the best camps I have ever attended and has truly helped me get ready for the IB exams. And thanks Ali and Chris for having the best time of my life in Vienna! Read more testimonials

Simon, Hongkong

I did very well in the two subjects I took with you over spring break: Physics HL (6) and Economics HL (7). I‘ll be starting my studies at Bocconi in the fall. Thank you for everything! Read more testimonials

Aida, Milan

It was a wonderful experience to meet so many different international IB students from around the world! The teachers were always open for questions.  Read more Testimonials

Livia, Brussels

Your advantages at a glance

Year after year, since 2006, IBWISE students are accepted at the world’s best universities. IBWISE provides an all-inclusive experience. Tuition, accommodation with en-suite facilities, 24/7 care, breakfast, lunch, snacks and refreshments, all on one site.

The IBWISE faculty is a team of carefully selected professional IB Diploma Programme subject specialists. They all currently teach the IBDP in excellent international schools around the world. Highly qualified and accomplished in their fields of expertise with 10-30 years of IB teaching experience, 90% of our teachers are also recognized IB examiners and many are IB teacher trainers in their specialized subject areas.

Our revision courses cover all major IB subjects.

Smaller classes strongly boost student learning. Small-sized classes enable students to easily interact with their teachers and stay focused.

At IBWISE, we care a lot about personal well-being. We offer individual support in a caring and friendly atmosphere to help you build confidence and boost your IB results.

Vienna remains to this day one of the most inspiring, livable and safest cities in the world. Apart from its placing as the most livable city in the renowned Mercer Study, the Austrian capital has now also arrived at the top of the “Global Livability Index 2022”.

Vienna has an excellent reputation for being a clean and green city. The outstanding public transport system makes it easy to get around. Whatever your interest – be it art, music, theatre, historic beauty, hip student cafés, trendy restaurants or avant-garde fashion – Vienna has it all in rich abundance!

Both IBWISE campuses are located in Vienna in a picturesque park setting and provide excellent accommodation and revision under one roof. The old city centre can be easily reached by public transport.

Our superbly equipped and gorgeous SPRING CAMPUS, the Springer Palace, provides tuition and accommodation on one site. This beautiful chateau campus is located in a romantic & truly peaceful green oasis in Vienna. We are literally located next to the Imperial Summer Palace “Schönbrunn”. Morning and afternoon walks or runs in Schönbrunn Park are a fantastic option for all our students and teachers. The old city center is easily accessible. It takes only 15-20 minutes to reach it on public transport.

Our SUMMER CAMPUS, the Vienna Boarding School “Am Himmelhof”, is located in one of Vienna’s most beautiful residential districts. It is truly unique, with a beautiful & tranquil garden and an amazing view. This boarding school offers classrooms and boarding all under one roof. The city center is easily accessible. It takes only 30 minutes to reach the centre on public transport.

Tuition, accommodation with en-suite facilities, 24/7 care, breakfast, lunch, snacks and refreshments are all on one site. Our campuses are located in the midst of beautiful villas and gardens, only a stone’s throw away from the old city centre by public transport.

IBWISE is grateful to have a wonderful team of mature, highly credentialed camp supervisors. They are on duty 24/7 during our revision camps. The supervisors take our students’ well-being very seriously and are supported by a team of highly motivated interns, many of whom are IB & IBWISE alumni. Together they make sure that you have everything you need and that your stay with us in Vienna is a personally enriching, unforgettable experience!

We value our student’s feedback

Direct feedback and reflection through the eyes of our students after each review session allows us to continuously develop and improve our IB Revision Programme, including helping us hone and strengthen our selection of faculty. This process also allows us to identify opportunities to innovate and, equally important, to confirm what it is we are doing right.

Student feedback has been invaluable for IBWISE and we have been pleased that the survey results have been consistently outstanding now over the course of many years. We use the same rating as the IB does, 7 (excellent) being the highest, 6 (very good), 5 (good), 4 (satisfactory) and 1 being the lowest grade.

Our Student’s Feedback & Survey Results

We were thrilled by the exceptional feedback we received after our 2023 summer camp in Vienna, Austria. 99% of our students said they “would recommend IBWISE and its teachers in the future.” What’s more, we received wonderful individual testimonials from our students, like Abbie, who wrote “It feels like I’ve learned more in the past 3 days than the whole year I was taught this subject” or Carmen, who shared “My teacher at IBWISE was the best math teacher I’ve ever had. His form of teaching and the environment he created in class, as well as his very pure kind heart, allowed for me to be comfortable to make mistakes and confident to take risks.”

To all of our incredible students: thank you so much for your heartfelt participation in our course. We are thrilled you benefitted so much from it!

We are very proud of the excellent feedback we received after our 2022 summer camp in Vienna. On our IB-standard 1-7 grading scale, we received sevens on all of our questions (including “What is your overall rating of this revision course?” and “How effectively did the teacher contribute to your understanding of this subject?”). We also received great individual feedbacks from students, like Camilla who wrote The teachers are excellent and actually helped me understand topics that I couldn’t before even whilst spending a whole year at school” and Leonie, who shared I loved that the course covered every single aspect in detail where the students didn’t feel confident in. It was great that the groups were kept limited so that the teacher was able to answer and help each student at its own pace where he or she was struggling.”

Thank you to our wonderful students for another excellent year at IBWISE!

We were simply “blown away” in all ways by our student reviews after our ONLINE – IB Revision Camps in 2020 and 2021! We landed top scores in all areas of inquiry. Our international students joined us online from all corners of the globe and made both years a wonderful success story – thank you, thank you, thank you all (!!!) for being part of this unforgettable experience!

Yet again 99% of our 2019 spring exam revision students rated IBWISE quality of teaching as simply “excellent”!

…and 98% of our summer 2019 students rated IBWISE quality of teaching with “very good” and “excellent” and the same amount rated their overall experience at IBWISE in Vienna with “very good” and “excellent” overall!

99% of the spring students rated their revision experience at IBWISE with “very good” or “excellent” overall

98% of the summer students rated IBWISE with “very good” or “excellent” overall

99% of the spring students rated IBWISE with “very good” or “excellent” overall

99% of the summer students rated IBWISE teaching with “very good” or “excellent”