We offer a wide range of support options for students applying to universities globally.

Our wonderful team of university application experts are highly experienced in guiding students successfully to success when it comes to university admissions. They are excellent and 100% committed to you. You will gain important advice on the different programmes, insights, tips, and techniques to help you achieve your goal when applying to the universities of your choice!

1) University Advice:

  • We offer highly nuanced and knowledgeable advice and support for students in regards to which universities and colleges offer which programmes of your interest. Narrowing down your options and knowing which specific options are available (and where) is very important advice before starting your university application.

2) Support when applying to European / UK universities:

  • We offer specialized support for students interested in applying to universities in the EU and UK. This includes instruction on how to use UCAS, the application platform for UK universities.

3) Support when applying to U.S. and Canadian universities:

  • Learn the intricacies of the Common App, prepare application essays, and ensure you have the best opportunity to be admitted into American universities.

4) Intensive U.K. university interview training (over Zoom):

  • Oxbridge and U.K. medicine candidates listen up! Our personalised “one-to-one” intensive interview training prepares students for their upcoming and highly competitive interviews at the Golden Triangle universities and other highly competitive programmes.

5) Personal statement support for students applying to U.K. universities (over Zoom):

  • Get specialised “one-to-one” support with one of our admissions experts to learn how to expertly craft your personal statement.

The average cost per hour with our highly qualified university application experts is 120-150€.

For more infos about these services, please feel free to email us at office@ibwise.com or connect with us by WhattsApp: +43-664 130 61 97

What our Students say

Just letting you know I got 37 points in total! Before the summer I was predicted 32 points, so IBWISE has definitely helped me out!

I am going to the University of Bath in the UK  in September – my first choice! Read more Testimonials

Jemima, Hongkong

“Having experienced both the summer and spring Ibwise camps, I can say that after each revision period, I could see a clear increase in my grades.

I was accepted at the University of Oxford to study Law.” Read more Testimonials

Jan, Switzerland

“Dear Nora, I just wanted to let you know that I got 36 points and got accepted to University College London.

Thank you so much for everything – IBWISE was enormous help!” Read more Testimonials

Nicole, Bratislava