Services for IB Schools

Since opening in 2006, IBWISE has supported over 600 IB schools and their students around the world.

Our services include:

Available both in-person and online, our in-house revision sessions are catered toward PRE-IB, MID-IB, or IB candidates preparing for their mock or final IB exams. All sessions are led by world-class IB educators with no less than 15 years IB teaching experience, many of whom are also IB examiners. Shown to have a significant impact on final grades*.

Available both in-person and online, our excellent educators are also available to provide extended/regular support in specific IB subjects for DP1 and DP2 cohorts. Can be especially helpful in the context of a missing teacher.

Our IB experts are perfectly equipped to provide hands-on support to young or inexperienced IB educators. We make direct connections between your educators with our experts to ensure an enriching collaboration.

Schools can book IBWISE to support their students in preparing for U.K. Golden Triangle university or medical school interviews. Our training includes tailored preparation from our specialists, accompanied by mock sessions and individual follow-up interviews, both with feedback. Available online or in-person.

IBWISE is proud to offer a wide range of workshops on topics such as conflict resolution, stress management, life after school, and organisational/study skills. Available in-person and online.

Looking for a new IB teacher for your school? IBWISE has an extensive network of IB educators and professionals and would be happy to help.

In addition, we also offer superb support from our IB Learning Smart Team, who are exceptionally skillful when it comes to supporting students acquire self-confidence in studying and time management. Our team helps students hone their organizational skills and stay on top of things when working on assignments.

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We would be more than happy to connect with you and discuss how IBWISE can be a support for your school. Please get in contact with us at the button below:

*A School Success Story

In 2022, IBWISE had the privilege of serving a group of 39 DP2 math students at Westminster Academy London. The four classes of students each participated in twelve one-hour lessons with our IB experts over Zoom and saw on average a grade increase of 1.55 points from the end of year 12 to their final IB results. A few students were additionally involved in small group tutoring and saw an increase of 2.30 points on average. Half of these students came from disadvantaged backgrounds. As the DP coordinator Siddharth Garg shared in an email, “It is clear that your genuine impact was felt in a significant way.”

Female students in a class room
Teacher and student in front of a Macbook