What our students & parents say

IBWISE offers an excellent, intensive revision method for the IB curriculum. My teacher expertly covered Micro and Macro Economics with clear explanations and diagrams. I didn’t think the entire IB Economics course could be covered in just three days, but I was proven wrong and now have comprehensive notes that will be invaluable for exam preparation.

Ignas, Lithuania

Dear Nora,

I just wanted to let you know that I got 36 points and got accepted to University College London (UCL) !! J From the subjects I took with you I received the following grades: Economics: 6, Biology: 6, Math: 6 and German: 5.

This shows how much your Final IB Revision Course helped me – thank you so much for everything – IBWISE was enormous help!!!!

Take good care, xoxo

Nicole, Bratislava

My teacher at IBWISE was the best math teacher I’ve ever had. Bear in mind I was only with him for 3 days and I’m able to say that. He brought a passion for Maths out of me that I didn’t have during the DP. His form of teaching and the environment he created in class, as well as his very pure kind heart, allowed for me to be comfortable to make mistakes and confident to take risks. And, most importantly, excited to learn.

Carmen, Spain
Dear IBWISE Team!

Having experienced both the summer and spring Ibwise camps, I can say that the best thing about them is the friendly and positive atmosphere. The teachers are 100% dedicated in helping you where you need it the most.

I found that this helps you forget some of the stress that defines the IB and allows you to really concentrate on advancing your skills and knowledge instead. After each revision period, I was able to see a clear increase in my grades.

I was accepted at the University of Oxford and will study Law.

Jan, Switzerland

Hi Nora,

Emma really enjoyed the Pre IB Revision Course in combination with the IB ART Summer Workshop and will be well prepared to start the IB Diploma in September.

Thanks for all your help!

John, father of Emma, Manila

Dear Nora,

I definitely made the right choice when deciding to come to the IBWISE revision course before my final exams. I had amazing teachers who made me feel confident about my classes and managed to motivate me for the last challenging weeks.

I ended up having a really good grade in my IBDP, with a 6 in both HL Math and HL Chemistry. The cosy atmosphere at your camps and the awesome teachers who taught me, played a great part in the result of my final IB score!

I have been admitted to the University of British Columbia (Vancouver) where I’ll be studying in the faculty of science.

Thank you so much!!!

Carmela, Copenhagen

Hi Nora!

Just letting you know I got 37 points in total! I got a 6 in every subject.  Thank you so much for all your help in the summer and at Easter, both courses were so beneficial. Before the summer I was predicted 32 points, so IBWISE has definitely helped me out!

I am going to the University of Bath in the UK in September to study Sport and Social Science. This was my first choice so I am delighted.

Thanks again!!

Jemima from Hongkong

Jemima, Hongkong

The Spring IB Revision Intensive was really helpful. The overall structure of the course was very good and I can therefore recommend it to other IB students. It helped me increase my Physics HL grade from a good grade to a great grade (7!!). I am now studying engineering at ETH Zürich.

Thank you!!

Nick, Paris

Dear Nora and IB Faculty:

Thank you all so much for your time, talent and dedication this summer session.  Marie enjoyed herself thoroughly and feels so much better equipped to tackle her senior year.

All the best and warm regards

Anne G. (mother), United States

Dear Nora,

I am writing this email in order to thank you for your outstanding support at both an academic and personal level. IBWISE has been an unforgettable and most enriching experience that I will never forget.

Furthermore, it has been very useful in preparation for my upcoming IB exams and has given me great confidence.

Best wishes,

Paula from Bilbao

Lukas, Hamburg
The Spring IB Revision Intensive was a highly focused & incredibly thorough study session. It was the best choice to come to this great city to review and learn new things with the help of amazing teachers – definitely a study course that really paid off – thank you for everything!!!
Paul, Zürich

The online IB revision workshop via Zoom worked out great even though I didn’t get to meet my teachers in person! IBWISE is honestly one of the best IB revision I have ever attended and has truly helped me become more organized and get ready for the IB. Thank you so much!!!

Ivana, Dubai

Dear all, I received an overall score of 43 in my IB exams! I am absolutely thrilled and convinced that your superb and thorough exam revision course helped me greatly to boost my final IB score. I will be attending King’s College in London next year. Thank you, IBWISE!

Julia, Brussels

Dear Nora,

I want to thank you for your outstanding support on both an academic and personal level. IBWISE has been an unforgettable and enriching experience that I will never forget. I was very impressed with the layout of the IBWISE workshops, as well as the range of activities. We were able to participate in both small group discussions as well as a class. I can really recommend this to anyone.

I has been an exceptional preparation for my upcoming exams and has given me great confidence. I was admitted to medicine as of fall!

Javier, London

The teachers were just awesome! They were extremely helpful and I took a huge amount with me from this year’s IBWISE – online Zoom Revision Course.

The lessons were great fun and at the same time hugely informative. Overall an excellent experience for which I am truly thankful.

Izabel, Dublin

Katharina is doing great, she is studying at the University of Luxembourg to become a primary school teacher. Her IB went well, she (we all) was (were) very happy with her results. She got a 5 in Math instead of the predicted 2 given by her teacher in Luxembourg. In Biology she also got a 5

Thank you so much for all the help she got from you and from your teachers.

Merja, mother of Katharina, Luxembourg