Extended Essay Writing Retreat

The perfect setting for getting your Extended Essay in great shape

This retreat offers you the perfect environment to concentrate getting your Extended Essay in great shape before the school year resumes. We will offer you structural support from our IB coaches plus 30-minute-daily IBO-conforming advice from one of our highly experienced IB specialists in your required field of study. This will ensure you get your Extended Essay draft completed or close to completed by the end of the retreat. Our IB subject specialist will assist you for a total of 2 hours, spread over 4 days. Our IB coaches will ensure you have everything you need between 9 am and 3:30 pm to stay motivated and focused for the duration of this 4-day retreat.

Duration: 4 days

Setting: Retreat, small group

Cost: on-site: 920€ (accommodation not included)

What students say

These 2 ½ weeks of summer revision really exceeded my expectations. The teachers were very dedicated and made lessons engaging and interesting. I learned more than I would have ever dreamed of. Read more Testimonials

Francesca, Rome

“Having experienced both the summer and spring Ibwise camps, I can say that after each revision period, I could see a clear increase in my grades. I was accepted at the University of Oxford to study Law.” Read more Testimonials

Jan, Switzerland

“Dear Nora, I just wanted to let you know that I got 36 points and got accepted to University College London. Thank you so much for everything – IBWISE was enormous help!” Read more Testimonials

Nicole, Bratislava