IB Tutoring

IBWISE provides boutique, world-leading tutoring packages to IBDP students interested in making remarkable improvements in their IB scores.

Our tutoring is exceptional because our IB tutors are exceptional. They come from the most prestigious IB schools across Europe, all with at least 10 years of IB teaching/examining experience and a deep passion for teaching. Working both online and on-ground in Vienna, Austria they make transformative impacts on the lives (and grades) of our students, year after year.

Teacher and student in front of a Macbook

Meet Some Of Our IB Tutors


Nitzan, with over fifteen years of teaching experience in IB Economics, is an instructor of IB Economics and DP Coordinator at an exemplary
IB school in the Czech Republic. With IBWISE students, he is appreciated for his fun and enthusiastic teaching style.


Diana comes with eighteen years of IB Business and Management teaching and examining experience. She is an esteemed educator at a leading IB school in Athens, Greece. A long-time contributor to IBWISE, Diana is universally adored by the students she works with.


With an impressive 26-year tenure in IB Math instruction at a leading international school in Prague, Keith is a cherished educator at IBWISE. His teaching prowess has significantly boosted students’ IB scores, earning him consistent admiration and gratitude from those he teaches.

Online Tutoring

Flexible packages available anywhere in the world. Taught by master IB educators from Europe’s most esteemed IB schools.

On-Ground Tutoring

Personally-tailored IB support in Vienna, Austria. Taught in-person by IB tutors with 10-30 years classroom experience.

We are specialized in supporting IBDP students with all of their IB coursework. This includes internal assessments, extended essays, exam prep/study techniques, and more.

“My IB tutor at IBWISE was the best math teacher I’ve ever had. He brought a passion for Maths out of me that I never had before. His support allowed me to be comfortable to make mistakes and confident to take risks. And, most importantly, excited to learn.” – Carmen