Spring On-Ground IB Exam Revision Intensive, Vienna

March 30th – April 3rd, 2024

Course Description

This year, we offer both an ON-GROUND Spring final IB Exam Revision Camp in Vienna, Austria (March 30th-April 3rd) and an ONLINE Spring final IB Exam Revision Course (March 23rd-27th). Students can attend either one on its own, or attend both for a total of four IB subjects reviewed. For more info on the Spring ONLINE IB Revision Intensive, please click here.

The Spring ON-GROUND IB Exam Revision Intensive in Vienna (Austria) is tailor-made for students in their final year of the IB Diploma programme.

Our highly renowned rigorous on-ground exam preparation camp provides a structured and comprehensive review of the entire 2-year Diploma coursework, allowing you to consolidate your knowledge, acquire confidence and hone crucial exam technique and exam routine. Beyond all the important content, you will learn the nuances of the IB marking scheme, understand important keyword terminology and how scores are applied by examiners, and ultimately work on and refine your exam performance with the support of our extremely experienced, top-notch IB Diploma educators. Our workshop leaders will be available to you on a very personalised level and provide invaluable feedback to all questions and answers. They will help you develop the important skills and routines necessary for exceptional exam performance.

With the unparalleled expertise of our IB educators and your dedication, you’ll be empowered with the confidence and skill set needed to get outstanding grades.

What parents say

Our son Jan, who participated in History SL and Math HL during your Easter IB revision course, received “excellent” in both subjects in his IB exams. Jan is the 4th of our 5 children, who has experienced exceptional guidance by your highly experienced and committed IB faculty and programme. Thank you once again for your continued efforts! Read more Testimonials

Stefan (father), Luxembourg

Join our Spring IB Revision Intensive in Vienna and boost your final IB score!

What to expect

  • Highly renowned IB subject specialists with 15-30 years of IB teaching and examining experience, all joining us from excellent IB schools across Europe
  • All our corses are taught in fluent English!
  • Choose 1 – 2 IB subjects
  • Each subject will be reviewed thoroughly over 2.5 days (18 hours)
  • Very small class size (6-8 students)
  • 24/7 pastoral care
  • Pick-up and drop-off are provided

You will …

  • Join us as a day- or boarding student at our magnificent spring course campus, The Springer Palace, a 4-star seminar hotel in the heart of Vienna. Breakfast, coffee breaks and lunch is provided. Dinner is flexible.
  • Study one subject at a time
  • Review subject matter thoroughly
  • Gain valuable exam technique
  • Improve your examination performance
  • Build confidence and maximize your final grade

Our Stunning Campus

The IBWISE Spring On-Ground IB Revision Intensive is hosted at the Springer Palace in Vienna, a state of the art seminar hotel nestled in Vienna’s twelfth district. This district is renowned for its peaceful ambiance, making it an ideal place for students to study and revise without distractions.

The Springer Palace itself combines historical elegance with modern facilities, providing an inspiring setting for learning. Its seminar rooms are equipped with the latest educational technology, ensuring that every session is productive and engaging. The hotel’s amenities, including 4-star-quality bedrooms, high-speed internet, and delicious food offered for breakfast, lunches, and snacks throughout the day, are designed to support students’ learning needs and well-being throughout the intensive revision period.