GGU Leadership Workshops

For the first time in 2024, IBWISE is partnering with Girls Gearing Up, an international leadership academy based in Berlin, to offer a series of workshops to all of our summer camp participants. These workshops aim to develop the skills, mindsets, and insights necessary for learners to become fair and caring leaders in their own lives and in their respective communities. Through interactive activities and collaborative sessions, participants will cultivate self-awareness and a global perspective, preparing them to navigate challenges and opportunities and to nurture and empower others along the way.

The Summer 2024 Leadership Workshops (as part of the PRE/MID IB Summer Camp):

Leadership and power

In this interactive workshop, we’ll dive into the world of power dynamics, encouraging interactive reflection and outside-the-box ideas. Through creative expression and dynamic discussions, we’ll explore various types of power and how they impact our lives across diverse contexts. Participants will reflect on their own views on leadership, power, and influence, and develop their own understanding of what makes an effective leader.

Discover your leadership style

This engaging workshop focused on leadership values will give you the opportunity to reflect on your leadership potential and your desired leadership style. Through thoughtful discussions and interactive activities, we will explore the impact of role models and powerful leaders in our lives, and reflect on the leadership characteristics you aim to embody. This workshop guides learners in building their unique leadership personas, tailored to thrive in diverse settings, from self-leadership to making a global impact.

Becoming a powerful public speaker

Through engaging activities designed to build confidence while having fun, you will step out of your comfort zone to unlock your potential as a compelling public speaker. This workshop encourages learners to harness the power of their voices to not only express themselves in a variety of settings, but also to mobilize support for causes close to their hearts. Join us for this empowering exploration of public speaking and unleash the speaker within.

About the facilitator:

Sophie Lang is an IB graduate from the Vienna International School (2015) with BA and MSc degrees in Psychology and Pedagogy. After studying in the Netherlands and the United States, she has found her calling in working with young people of all ages – particularly those with international backgrounds – to help increase their agency and cross-cultural understanding.

In her coaching work at Girls Gearing Up and Linden Global Learning in Berlin, she is focused on creating supportive and inclusive environments where all learners feel confident and encouraged to share, challenge each other, and grow together. Passionate about inspiring the next generation of trailblazers, Sophie aims to help participants discover and harness their leadership potential. Join Sophie for a fun and transformative experience, and amplify the power of your voice, too!

Each workshop will last two hours and cost 80€ per participant.

To sign up for our GGU leadership workshops, please select PRE or MID IB Summer Camp on our registration form below. Our GGU workshops are listed under “optional short courses.”

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