IB CAS Adventure Trips in Europe

A unique experience for PRE IB and MID IB students! We invite you to one of our absolutely exciting summer CAS programmes.

Join us this summer on a 6-day trip to the picturesque mountain village of Mariazell in the Ă–tscher Region in Austria or a 14-day IB CAS & Spanish Immersion in AndalucĂ­a. Each student will receive a certificate with exact dates, hours and descriptions of the accomplished programme and duties. In some cases, this can apply towards a students’ school CAS requirements, and is certainly helpful with university admissions!

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14-day IB CAS & Spanish Immersion in AndalucĂ­a

Live and learn in the truly charming Pueblo Blanco “Vejer de la Frontera” in beautiful Andalucía. This compact 14 day holistic, interdisciplinary course with unique IB CAS (Creativity, Activity & Service) opportunity includes 10 hours of classroom Spanish per week, 24/7 immersion in the rich language, culture and history of this area and living in a lovely Spanish host family. The focus is on local and global issues, and the course offers both Pre-IB and Mid-IB incentives.

6-day IB CAS Adventure Trip in Mariazell, Austria

This CAS Adventure Trip in the picturesque mountain village of Mariazell and its surrounding Ötscher region will be a forever memorable experience in the stunning Austrian Fore Alps. This region is less than a 1.5-hour drive from Vienna, Austria’s capital. Vienna also is the city where IBWISE operates and runs its MID IB & PRE IB Summer Revision Camp!