Pre IB Summer Camp
July 18th – August 2nd, 2024

Optional Short Courses

Join one of our magnificent CAS Adventures!

6-day Alpine CAS Adventure Trip to the Ötscher Region, Austria

When: July 12th-17th

This CAS Adventure Trip in the picturesque mountain village of Mariazell and its surrounding Ötscher region will be a forever memorable experience in the stunning Austrian Fore Alps. You will be immersed in the old Austrian culture & traditions of a mountain village, will be invited to bake your first brown bread, help feed and milk farm animals and make your own butter and cheese. You will experience breathtaking mountain hikes and spend a night in a typical ‘Schutzhaus’ whilst discovering the secrets of this spectacular national park with our nature guide. This region is less than a 1.5-hour drive from Vienna, Austria’s capital. If you also wish to have this experience recognised for CAS hours then please check with your CAS Coordinator at your IB school prior to joining us!

14-day IB CAS & Spanish Immersion in Andalucía

When: July 7th-21st

Live and learn in the truly charming Pueblo Blanco “Vejer de la Frontera” in beautiful Andalucía. This compact 14-day holistic, interdisciplinary course with unique IB CAS (Creativity, Activity & Service) opportunity includes 10 hours of classroom Spanish per week, 24/7 immersion in the rich language, culture and history of this area. You will live in a lovely Spanish host family. The focus is on local and global issues, and the course offers both Pre-IB and Mid-IB incentives.

More Optional Short Courses 

Duration: 4 hours
Setting: Group
Cost: 300 €

Academic writing plays a pivotal role in the IB curriculum. From the extended essay and Theory of Knowledge (TOK) to Language A and various Internal Assessments, it’s essential to master essay structuring, clear articulation, idea linkage, and proper spelling and punctuation. Additionally, this workshop delves into the nuances of text analysis. All these critical skills and more are encapsulated in this highly recommended 4-hour session.

Duration: 3 hours
Setting: Small Group
Cost: 250 €

Essay Writing Skills for Language A is fundamental for excelling in any Language A written examination, irrespective of the specific language. This 3-hour session is invaluable for all Language A students, including those whose mother tongues aren’t English (such as Swedish, Arabic, Dutch, Russian, etc.). It offers a focused opportunity to refine essay writing techniques and gain insights into crafting a compelling IB ‘Language A’ essay.

Duration: 2 hours
Setting: Group
Cost: 200 €

Effective time management and study techniques are pivotal for success in the IBDP and future endeavors. Our instructor will guide you through essential insights and equip you with practical tools to foster and solidify these crucial learning skills and habits.

Duration: 1.5 hours
Setting: small group
Cost: 180 €

This exciting workshop will offer students tools and techniques to enhance their memorising ability. In a fun way they will be experiencing how their brain and memory works and how they can boost it. Students will also become more aware of their own individual strengths and weaknesses and offered tricks to tackle challenging situations when large amount of detail need be memorised and replicated.

Duration: 1 hour
Setting: One-to-One
Cost: 180 €

Many students find themselves feeling overwhelmed due to the demanding requirements of the IB, impending university admissions processes, and more. These feelings often manifest in various ways, including sleeplessness, anxiety, attention issues, headaches, and other physical symptoms. These reactions are typically indicators of stress and uncertainty about managing their responsibilities. Our consultation is designed to address these concerns in a confidential and supportive one-on-one setting. Students will receive personalized strategies and guidance from our founder, Nora, who brings years of expertise in adolescent counseling and family consultation.

Duration: 1 hour
Setting: One-to-One
Cost: 150 €

Occasionally, students seek private tuition to address specific questions in their subjects. At IBWISE, we strive to accommodate these ‘one-to-one’ sessions with our IB specialists, providing tailored assistance whenever possible.