Online Winter Final IB Online Revision (18, Dec. 2022 – 1st Jan. 2023)


Online Winter Final IB Online Revision (18th, December 2022 – 5th January 2023)

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Course Description

Our exceptional Zoom-powered Winter IB – Revision Course during Christmas break is the perfect course to assist May 2023 IB candidates with their mock exam preparation.

Our revision workshops will be held by the same outstanding IB faculty who run our on-site workshops.

Quotes from two IB students who joined our “ONLINE” Winter Revision Workshops in 2021/2022:

“I was very impressed with the superb layout of the workshops as well as the range of activities. We were able to participate in both small group discussions as well as in class. The teachers were all exceptional. This session had a great impact on my work ethic, and boosted my confidence. I strongly encourage people to take IBWISE courses!”

“Explanations were always detailed and teachers were always very happy to answer questions. They are all clearly very experienced and are some of the best teachers I have ever had.”

Small Groups:

The very small group size at IBWISE allows students to ask all open questions and receive all the important responses from our exceptionally experienced IB educators. You will thoroughly practice IB exam questions and develop important technique and confidence.

What to expect:

  • Highly renowned IB subject specialists from excellent IB schools across Europe who come with 15-25 years of IB teaching and examining experience each. They will help prepare you effectively for your mock exams and final IB exams in May
  • Choose 1 – 4 IB subjects (one IB subject per date)
  • Each subject will be reviewed thoroughly for 3 days (3 x 4 hrs + 2hrs of homework)
  • Very small class size (usually 5-8 students)

You will…

  • Study one subject at a time
  • Review subject matter thoroughly
  • Practice exam questions
  • Gain valuable in-depth know-how
  • Build confidence to maximize your final score



COST of our interactive ONLINE classes during Winter break:

Per 3-day IB Subject Revision Class: 600 € (3 x 4 hours daily + 1 hour of set HW on day 1+2 = 14 hours total revision per IB subject)


Subjects and Dates

Per WORKSHOP UNIT and DATE you can choose to study only 1 IB Subject.

WORKSHOP UNIT 1 – December 18th-20th (3 days, 14hrs):

  • English A
  • Biology HL
  • Physics SL

WORKSHOP UNIT 2 – December 21st-23rd (3 days, 14hrs):

  • Biology SL
  • Physics HL
  • Business & Management HL
  • Business & Management SL
  • Psychology HL
  • Psychology SL

WORKSHOP UNIT 3 – December 28th-30th (3 days, 14hrs):

  • Math AA HL
  • Math AA SL
  • Math AI HL
  • Math AI SL

WORKSHOP UNIT 4 – January 3rd-5th (3 days, 14hrs):

  • Chemistry HL
  • Chemistry SL
  • Economics HL
  • Economics SL


Daily Course Hours (3 consecutive days):

9:00-10:30 cet (1.5hr lesson)
10:30-10:45 (15min break)
10:45-12:15 (1.5hr lesson)
12:15-13:00 (45min lunch beak)
13:00-14:00 (1hr lesson)
1st & 2nd afternoon: 1 hour of homework
Homework is due at 6pm cet

Total revision: 14 hours


More Info

If you have any questions, wish to register or show your interest, please email us and include your subject choice.

CALL US: +43-1-319 10 68
We are also available via cell phone: +43-664-130 61 97

We are happy to assist you!



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