Young Artists in Residence Summer Camp
July 27th-August 2nd, 2024

IB DP Film Workshop

The IB Film workshop, as part of the Young Artists in Residence programme, offers students a unique platform to dive deep into the world of cinematic arts under the guidance of an esteemed IB film educator. Set against the backdrop of Vienna, with its rich tapestry of history and culture, the workshop provides students with a comprehensive overview of the IB Film curriculum.

Throughout this workshop, students hone their skills in film interpretation, production, and analysis, enriched by hands-on exercises and immersive experiences. They learn the art of reading films, understanding the nuances that shape cinematic meaning. They explore the growth trajectory of films across diverse cultural contexts, recognizing the shared threads and distinctions between varied cinematic expressions.

A significant focus of the IBWISE IB Film workshop is the practical application of knowledge. By exploring various film production roles, students engage with the entire spectrum of the filmmaking process. This hands-on approach equips them to sculpt their own narratives, effectively employing the multifaceted language of cinema. These exercises aim to not just impart technical expertise but also nurture an artistic voice, empowering students to weave their personal perspectives into their cinematic creations.

The DP Film curriculum stresses the significance of collaborative work, and our workshop mirrors this ethos. Students, especially those taking IB Film HL, will delve into the intricacies of team-driven filmmaking. From ideation to final cut, they experience the dynamism of collective creativity, understanding the symbiotic relationships between different production roles and the magic they collectively conjure on screen.

An International Baccalaureate student group in front of the Viennese opera

Vienna: A Cinematic Canvas

Vienna, a city synonymous with art and culture, serves as an enriching backdrop for the IB Film workshop. Participants are treated to tours showcasing the city’s cinematic history, visiting iconic locations across the old city. These experiences aim to contextualize their academic learning within the broader narrative of global cinema. Students will have free moments to wander the streets of Vienna, perhaps drawing inspiration from its majestic architecture, vibrant streets, and storied past.

In essence, the IBWISE IB Film workshop is more than just a preparatory course; it’s a wholistic engagement with cinema’s power. It beckons students to not only comprehend films but to find inspiration to create their own. With a carefully crafted blend of theoretical learning, practical application, and cultural immersion, we ensure our participants are well-equipped to embrace the world of IB Film with confidence, creativity, and a deep-seated passion.

Our IB Film workshop leader

Erick Pessôa: Erick serves as the IB Film and Digital Photography instructor at the American School of Paris. Bringing 14 years of dedicated IB Film teaching experience to IBWISE, Erick has held the prestigious position of the IB Film principal examiner for the IBO since 2019. His profound understanding of the IB Film curriculum is matched only by his exceptional ability to convey this knowledge with enthusiasm to his students.